Published: Thu, January 18, 2018
Medical | By Garry George

Walmart Offers Free Packets To Dispose Of Leftover Painkillers

Walmart Offers Free Packets To Dispose Of Leftover Painkillers

Walmart has announced it will offer DisposeRx packets free of charge to its pharmaceutical customers. A free packet of DisposeRx will be offered to patients on certain classes of opioids every six months, with the goal of helping cut down on the misuse and abuse of opioids plaguing states across the country, reports Reuters.

DisposeRx's system will give drug users a small packet containing ingredients they can mix into a pill bottle with warm water to safely dispose of leftover medications in the trash.

The company also said it stocks naloxone - which can reverse opioid overdoses - and will offer the drug for sale or for dispensing by a pharmacist by the end of the month in states that allow it. Arkansans can purchase naloxone over the counter without a prescription after the state a year ago passed a new law meant to curb fatal opioid overdoses.

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration and the National Institute of Drug Abuse, say that about two-thirds of people misusing prescription opioids are getting them from family and friends.

Walmart says its pharmacy customers can request a free packet at any time.

Hays declined to say during a conference call with reporters how many opioid prescriptions Walmart fills annually. But the company said the DisposeRx initiative is one of several ways it is trying to address prescription drug abuse. The disposal kit can also work on any form of opioids.

Safe disposal of prescription opioids is a necessary component to preventing overdoses. In October, President Donald Trump declared the problem a national public health emergency. CVS and Walgreens now offer medication-disposal kiosks at hundreds of locations, a service that Wal-Mart doesn't provide.

Wal-Mart touted the DisposeRx offering as the "first of its kind" because it allows patients to dispose of unwanted or expired pills at home.

In the Walmart release, Sen.

Wal-Mart said it funds a variety of multistate programs that teach young people about the dangers of prescription drug use. "Too frequently, those harmful narcotics stay un-secured where children, visitors or teens may have access", Arkansas Senator John Boozman said in an announcement.

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