Published: Sat, January 06, 2018
Tech | By Dwayne Harmon

Trump supports the Iranian people's struggle

Trump supports the Iranian people's struggle

Iran's supreme leader accused the country's enemies on Tuesday of being behind days of street unrest, as the death toll from anti-government demonstrations rose to 21.

"The counter-revolutionaries intervened massively on social media", Jafari said.

Hundreds of demonstrators have been arrested since the protests began Thursday in Mashhad before spreading to other parts of the country. A judicial official said some could face the death penalty. Like Israel, their de facto ally against Iranian expansion, the Saudis are hoping that the unrest in Iran will diminish Tehran's ability to pursue its quest for regional primacy. State radio channel reported that six "rioters" were killed by police after they attempted "to seize the police armory" of Qahdarijan, in Esfahan province, overnight.

"There is no leadership among these protests", Hashemi said of the week's unrest, and numerous established reformists are "shocked and confused" about how to respond.

Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei blamed "enemies" in his first comments on the protests that started last Thursday.

But as tempting as that grandstanding could be, the United States should probably take no hasty actions on this one until it can give the Iranian people a chance to be fully heard.

United States secondary sanctions and threats to pull out of the nuclear deal despite Tehran's compliance have contributed to Iran not fully benefiting from the nuclear deal.

Erdogan told Rouhani "that he found his comments about not violating the law while exercising their right to peaceful protests was appropriate", the source said.

Nikki Haley, the USA ambassador the United Nations, has called for an emergency meeting of the organization's Human Rights Council - a body the administration has harshly criticized.

"The demonstrations are completely spontaneous".

At least 30 people were killed and thousands arrested in the wave of protests, which drew the largest crowds in Iran since the Islamic Revolution of 1979. "This is the precise picture of a long oppressed people rising up against their dictators".

The Iranian people have long expressed a desire for change, seen by the Green Movement of 2009 that did not receive forceful support from the Obama administration. The US administration at the time stayed abhorrently silent.

Adds Iran's United Nations ambassador blaming USA leaders for incitement, makes minor edits.

A USA official told Reuters earlier on Tuesday that US intelligence officials think the protests have little chance of toppling the government.

Since the protests in Iran began six days ago - and President Trump has repeatedly tweeted his support for the dissidents - prominent Iranian exile groups and opponents of the Tehran regime have voiced praise for the USA president.

French President Emmanuel Macron's office said a planned trip by Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian to Tehran this week had been postponed.

In response, Khamenei said in a speech: "The American president's foolish remarks against our people show the depth of America's hostility towards the entire Iranian nation".

Turkey, which, along with the United States and Saudi Arabia, supports Syrian rebel groups, called for restraint. He added, however, that the demonstrations should not devolve into violence or anti-government chants.

"The people of Iran are finally acting against the brutal and corrupt Iranian regime", he posted Tuesday.

In his latest tweet on Monday, the USA president said, "The [Iranian] people have little food, big inflation and no human rights. The watching!"

He said the situation in Tehran was under control and the police had not asked for the help of the Revolutionary Guards special forces. Rouhani promised greater social and political openness, as well as a revived economy after years of worldwide sanctions, but he has been unable to deliver much change in a nation where the ruling clerics must approve all major decisions.

President Rouhani, seen as a pragmatist who is at odds with hardliners, deflected criticisms of his economic record. "All freedom-loving people must stand with their cause". But on the ground, security forces implemented a vast crackdown, with photos showing anti-riot vehicles equipped with water cannons making their way into cities, and videos crackling with the sound of tear gas canisters being fired at chaotic protests.

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