Published: Sun, January 14, 2018
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Tonya Harding dumped by agent for plan to fine journalists

Tonya Harding dumped by agent for plan to fine journalists

Harding had released a statement through her attorney categorically denying all accusations that she was involved in the assault on skater Nancy Kerrigan. I haven't seen the movie.

In the film, Margot Robbie portrayed the disgraced Olympian, who in 1994 was allegedly hired someone to bludgeon rival Nancy Kerrigan's kneecaps before the Olympic trials.

The victor of two national titles (one was later taken away because of her role in the attack on Nancy Kerrigan), Harding also was sent by U.S. Figure Skating to two world championships, where she finished second and sixth.

When asked if she felt relieved at the time that the attack could have kept Kerrigan from competing against her for a spot on the Olympic team, Harding said, "Absolutely not", adding that she never wanted Kerrigan removed from competition. "I don't think the figure skating world embraced her or wanted her to succeed because they didn't think she represented the kind of woman they wanted to represent the figure skating community, that they wanted to represent America".

During the ceremony on Thursday night, Munn parodied the acclaimed Tonya Harding biopic with a short trailer for I, Nancy. "Yes, (I) spanked. Absolutely, positively you (have) got to show them right from wrong". Like, that's my role in this whole thing.

"Unfortunately, we reached an impasse today regarding how to treat the press in the future". According to Rosenberg, Harding demanded that reporters sign an affidavit stating that they wouldn't ask her anything "about the past" or they'd be fined. "Obviously, it doesn't work that way, and therefore I've chosen to terminate our business relationship", he said.

Actress Allison Janney gives us her thoughts on Tonya Harding at the 2018 Golden Globes.

"I am so over the glamorization of a villain simply because she was born on the 'wrong side of the tracks, '" he tweeted.

As far as the drinking, Harding told ABC News that she knew at age 11 half a thermos her mother would take to the rink in the morning was filled with "brandy and the rest was coffee".

She recently told ABC News, "I knew that something was up".

"It's not my fault", Harding screams to whomever will listen, and certainly this foul-mouthed redneck was not entirely at fault for all the mistakes she made.

"I remember asking him, 'What is going on?"

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