Published: Fri, January 12, 2018
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Sony's Venom movie releases its first image

Sony's Venom movie releases its first image

The first image of Hardy in character as Eddie Brock is quiet and understated - but like Eddie himself, there's something sharp beneath the surface. Based on the fact that Eddie seems to very much be a normal person, and that he's digging into a shady foundation's dark secrets, it's clear the film will be an origin story. Not only does it star one of Spidey's most popular and enduring foes, it's also the first movie to truly expand the Spider-Man universe in a meaningful way beyond the adventures of the webbed hero. For the first time available online, IGN is happy to reveal the full panel to the world - including a sneak peek at the Atlanta sets of Venom. Playing Venom and his alter-ego, Eddie Brock, will be none other than former Bane, Tom Hardy.

We also were treated to some of the official footage from of Hardy addressing the crowd at Comic-Con Experience in December.

OK, so it's not the most exciting photo we've ever seen, but as IGN points out, it does tell us a few things about the film. The character moves from New York City to San Francisco in the story.

"We want to be as true as possible to the comic with our film", Fleisher said.

In the Brazil Comic Con video, Hardy is visibly excited to be talking about Venom, offering fans his promise to do the beloved Marvel character justice.

Given some of the remarkable performances that Hardy has given, you know that Venom is going to be something special when his work has been described as "a masterclass".

If you don't know, Venom is a Symbiote who needs to bond with a human for survival. Mostly because it's hard to imagine why Tom Hardy would even be in a Venom movie, not to mention Michelle Williams and Jenny Slate.

With the movie set to come out this October, it would be smart for Sony to start marketing early, so as to get fans pumped for the film.

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