Published: Wed, January 10, 2018
Culture | By Antonia Gonzales

Roseanne character to be Trump supporter in series reboot

Roseanne character to be Trump supporter in series reboot

The reboot, 21 years after its nine-season run ended, immediately dives into contemporary politics with family members arguing for and against President Trump.

Indeed, Barr's earlier answer about why the show was now straightforwardly about a Trump voter made more sense than anything she said later: "Half the people voted for Trump, and half didn't".

Though one of the writers of the Roseanne revival tried to jump in, Barr, at one point said, "Speaking of racism, I'm just going to say it". "People actually hating other people for the way they voted, which I feel is not American".

The original "Roseanne" aired on ABC from 1988 to 1997. "I have always attempted to portray a realistic portrait of American working class people... I would really like to see an end to "hatriotism" in this country", she said.

Barr, who went on a recent political tweet-storm that culminated in an announcement she's retiring (from Twitter), acknowledged pulling back from outspokenness as the premiere approaches.

Barr chimed in saying, "I said, and I'll say it again".

Gilbert said the new episodes show a family "that is divided by politics but still filled with love".

John Goodman, who played her husband on the show, is returning for the revival along with most of the original cast.

But McDonald's question - which I'll remind you was about the character of Roseanne and not the celebrity Roseanne (though you can see where Barr would get confused) - seemed to get under Barr's skin, just a little bit.

"I'm kinda known for creating some great drama", Barr said, with Goodman replying, "Yeah, not the kind you get awards for". "We wanted to find a way for this family to represent a full cross-section of beliefs", Helford said. Cummings felt that desire for jobs would explain Roseanne Conner voting for Trump, even if she didn't agree with him on everything. On some level, everybody involved realizes that this could work in the show's favor - so long as Barr herself can stay on message. "I think that a great way to fight racism is that everybody has a job". "It's like old friends", she said.

When asked about Oprah Winfrey's recent speech at the Golden Globes, which has stirred up talk of her running for office in 2020, Barr had this to say.

"I love Oprah, like everybody else", she said.

"I think it was time for us as a country to shake things up and try something different."
That included politicians-as demonstrated in Season 4's "Aliens", when Roseanne meets a state representative, Mike Summers, who is promoting a plan that gives tax breaks to corporations setting up shop in her hometown of Lanford, Illinois.

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