Published: Sun, January 14, 2018
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Public invited to Martin Luther King Jr. Day Unity Celebration on Monday

Public invited to Martin Luther King Jr. Day Unity Celebration on Monday

"I always thought this park was named Dr. Martin Luther King until one day someone told me, 'Meet me at Mellis Park.' I said, 'Where's Mellis?'" Jones said. "I remember staring out the window and seeing our full cart of groceries and returning home".

She said her father's life and work should be applied to the current moment, where racism has again come out into the open.

In June, he said Nigerian immigrants would "never go back to their huts" after coming to the U.S.

Tucker's father elaborated on the strike, noting that sanitation workers were not getting paid enough and that two had been killed in garbage compactors, leading several employees to protest by "not going to work until things get better".

"It's a good chance for people to recommit to Dr. Martin Luther King's life, his dream and his sacrifice", Robinson said. "While Dr. King is no longer with us, his words and vision only grow stronger through time".

At 11 a.m., the third annual youth and adult talent presentation will take place, and then youth, choir members and seniors will have lunch at 11:50 a.m., followed by adults at noon.

"We have to let them know that you are special, that you can make it, that you are intelligent", said Bailey.

With various organizations now working as one team to host unified MLK Day celebrations, volunteers say it's a great representation of Mobile living up to King's dream.

Washington became a leading national advocate for a federal MLK Day, but paid the price for attending a celebration in 1981.

Kokomo-Howard County Public Library branches will also be closed.

After appearing alongside President Trump at a White House event honoring Martin Luther King Jr. on Friday, the nephew of the late civil rights icon said he does not believe the commander in chief - who reportedly made disparaging remarks about Africans the day before - is a racist "in the traditional sense".

The practice of celebrating King on the Sunday closest to his birthday was started in 1982 by the Essence Women, a group of African American women, who were mostly from the Bethel AME and Second Baptist churches in Chico.

The program kicks off at 7:30 a.m. with breakfast in the Grier Student Center Dining Hall.

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