Published: Sat, January 20, 2018
Global Media | By Abel Hampton

Pope accuses priest's victims of slander

Pope accuses priest's victims of slander

First he celebrated the first-ever airborne papal wedding, marrying two flight attendants at 36,000 feet during a flight on Thursday to this northern Chilean beachside town.

The sex abuse issue dogged him nearly to the altar as he prepared to celebrate mass on Thursday.

Pope Francis has triggered anger in Chile after accusing victims of a paedophile priest of slander.

Welcome to the Francis papacy, five years on.

Podest and Ciuffardi had had a civil marriage in 2010 but could not solemnise their marriage because of the Feb 2010 natural disaster in Chile that destroyed the church they were supposed to have the wedding in.

They told Francis that they had been Wednesday in a civil service in 2010 but had been unable to follow up with a church ceremony because the February 27, 2010 natural disaster that rocked Chile had damaged the church.

"The day they bring me proof against Bishop Barros, that's the day when I'll talk", Francis said.

The document was signed by Pope Francis, the couple and the witness.

"This is the sacrament that is missing in the world, the sacrament of marriage". May this motivate others to get the sacrament of marriage. "I'll do it for this reason". "The focus on the Amazon is the opportunity to get the traction that is needed", Manuel Pulgar-Vidal, the World Wildlife Fund's director for climate and energy, said.

The couple explained that their church's bell tower had fallen during the quake, forcing the cancellation of the church service.

One of the leaders is Hector Sueyo.

"Do you want me to marry you?" he asked them.

"We will show you a picture of the document later". After a three-hour journey along a brackish river he said he hoped to hear a forceful message from the pope.

Ms Podest was Mr Elorriaga's boss when they met and, she told journalists. "So we have to be careful", she said blushing.

Anne Barrett Doyle, of the online database, said it was "sad and wrong" for the pope to discredit the victims since "the burden of proof here rests with the church, not the victims - and especially not with victims whose veracity has already been affirmed".

Francis says in a speech to Peruvians who live and work in the steamy rainforest region that it is painful how "so many women are devalued, denigrated and exposed to endless violence".

The flight attendants are Paula Podest and Carlos Ciufardi.

During his homily, he urged the Chilean government to continue welcoming migrants and caring for the least fortunate among them, saying, "There is no Christian joy when doors are closed".

Many lauded the action of Pope Francis, who immediately stopped his popemobile.

Sueyo said Friday that "the sky is angry and is crying because we are destroying the planet".

The pope's remarks come less than a month after Kuczynski narrowly escaped impeachment over his private consulting firm's ties to Odebrecht, the Brazilian construction company at the center of Latin America's biggest corruption scandal. He cut his eyebrow and wore a cassock stained with a few drops of blood for the rest of the day. Campaigners have used Francis' South American visit to rekindle their complaints against him. But Thursday's incident again underscored his vulnerability in the open-sided vehicles that often pass through tight, crowded spaces.

Francis told the crowd: "You are a living memory of the mission that God has entrusted to us all: the protection of our common home". He wasn't hurt, and the Vatican later revealed the offending object: A rolled up canvas hat with the words "Pray for the Chilean family".

While Bishop Barros has not been accused of abuse, the Pope has been criticised for appointing him bishop of Osorno in 2015.

Francis said there was no evidence against Bishop Juan Barros Madrid, who accusers say protected pedophile priest Rev. Fernando Karadima and was therefore complicit in his crimes.

Patricio Navia, political science professor at Diego Portales University in Santiago, said Chileans appreciated that Francis had gone much further than Chilean bishops in acknowledging sexual abuse, but his apparent U-turn on Barros would erase any good will.

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