Published: Wed, January 17, 2018
Global Media | By Abel Hampton

Phil Murphy sworn in as NJ governor, vows to legalize marijuana

Phil Murphy sworn in as NJ governor, vows to legalize marijuana

"There's no reason a women in New Jersey should be making 82 cents to the dollar to a male counterpart for the same work", said Murphy.

Christie, who has repeatedly rejected gun control measures sent to him by state lawmakers, had previously said he was open to more regulation on the devices, arguing, "It's an accessory".

"I promise you now that those bills will be met with a signing ceremony", Murphy said.

Murphy also said the state must accept the reality of climate change, invest aggressively in renewable energy, and uphold the goals of the Paris Climate Accord.

The switch from Christie means that New Jersey will go from a governor who is a friend of President Donald Trump to one that opposes him on many fronts.

"America strikes back", he said. His vision for a "stronger and fairer" state includes reform of the criminal justice system and legalization of marijuana, he said.

Although New Jersey's unemployment rate has fallen by half, it remains above the national average, and Christie's public transit and road projects almost caused the state to go bankrupt. Murphy said. "We were fiscally responsible and home to a thriving middle class, yet we ensured that the least among us had programs to help lift them from poverty".

"We know, while it won't be easy and it won't be overnight, that if we work together, we will get there".

Murphy spoke about major ideas but did not offer details in his inaugural speech, saying he will go before the New Jersey Legislature to present his first budget soon to provide more details on his plans and proposals.

Murphy will take over a state with some of the worst finances in the nation.

"I recognize that while these moments are historic, we make history not in the moment but in what we do with it", Oliver said after taking the oath of office.

Murphy called for higher taxes on the wealthy, increased funding for Planned Parenthood and a $15 minimum wage.

The new governor earned his fortune, which he used to help win the Democratic nomination a year ago, as an executive at Goldman Sachs.

Hinting at Trump's reported vulgar comments last week about immigration, Murphy called the country a "beacon of light" for immigrants including those from Haiti and Africa. We will not allow this threat to our environment and our economy to stand. It is a great state filled with great people, including great entertainers.

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