Published: Thu, January 11, 2018
Culture | By Antonia Gonzales

Mueller Indicates He's Ready to Interview Trump

Mueller Indicates He's Ready to Interview Trump

Mr Mueller's probe so far has led to two Trump associates, former national security adviser Michael Flynn and campaign aide George Papadopoulos, pleading guilty to lying to Federal Bureau of Investigation agents.

As CNN reported Tuesday, national security adviser and decorated Army officer H.R. McMaster and White House counsel Don McGahn are potentially leaving the administration. "He and his actions are the primary focus of Mueller's investigation".

Mueller raised the prospect of interviewing Trump in December, causing the president's attorneys to discuss how to limit the parameters of the session, the Washington Post reports. Trump has repeatedly denied allegations of collusion with Russian Federation.

The talks regarding a potential interview were confirmed to NBC News by three sources familiar with the matter. Certainly there is plenty of evidence that there are those on the Republican right - including the Freedom Caucus bloc on Capitol Hill - who would encourage or at least acquiesce in such a provocative gamble.

Mr Trump told reporters at the Camp David presidential retreat in Maryland on Saturday he was willing to speak with Mr Mueller's team.

"The White House is not going to comment on communications with the special counsel out of respect for the special counsel and process", Sanders responded when asked about the reports.

At the same time, former senior Federal Bureau of Investigation agent turned Yale lecturer Asha Rangappa publicly warned that Mueller may not have the constitutional power to criminally indict the president himself, even if he is convinced he's unearthed the evidence to justify it.

Cobb also expressed his confidence that parts of this investigation related to the president will wrap up soon. While Rosenstein - Mueller's direct supervisor - was accused of being a "Democrat" in one behind closed doors Trumpian outburst. That could lull him into a false sense of complacency during an interview with Mueller's team.

But, more than anything, they want to avoid putting Trump in a room with F.B.I. -level investigators for multiple hours on the record. Trump wouldn't last four hours being questioned BY ME.

As well as deciding his political fate in the medium term, the outcome of the elections will also play heavily into whether a Trump-sceptic GOP establishment will want to back The Donald in a 2020 re-election bid or look for a less divisive alternative.

"They do think that if the investigation goes near his finances, he's sunk". The other big Trump scoop today is Axios reporting that his presidential schedule is shrinking because, evidently, he just doesn't have the mental energy of other past presidents.

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