Published: Sat, January 13, 2018
Tech | By Dwayne Harmon

LG unveils new 65-inch rollable television

LG unveils new 65-inch rollable television

At CES 2018, I got an up-close look at LG Display's new creation, the world's first 65-inch rollable UHD TV. This is not all, however, as it plans to add another interesting product to the mix.

After announcing the world's first 88-inch OLED 8K resolution television, South Korean display technology pioneer LG unveiled another innovative TV with extreme bendable capabilities.

LG has been leading the way in large-sized and mid-sized OLED displays for TV, auto-components and lighting.

This huge 4K TV is a 65-inch OLED panel, which is nearly as thin as a sheet of paper and can be rollable. However, HLG and HDR10 use either no metadata or static metadata, so LG's 2018 TVs will process an HDR image dynamically through the company's proprietary HDR solutions known as HLG Pro and HDR10 Pro. The roll-up screen makes the TV particularly discreet - hidden away among the furniture when not in use, or only rolled out onto a wall when switched on. During the press conference, LG showed off how the new chip helps in reducing in banding in particular during particular scenes.

This makes for easier storage, while still achieving high resolution. As per a report from The Verge, the new LG display prototype will also additionally come with a 4K resolution.

The crowd's awkward chuckling grew louder each time the Hub Robot failed to respond to prompts related to the company's full-court press on smart home interconnectedness. And while they're all impressive, we were admittedly most excited about news that the brand that championed plasma TVs a few short years ago is back in the TV game in a big way, announcing two new OLED TVs, the FZ950 OLED series and the FZ800 series. Among the biggest announcements so far are enormous and rollable TVs. Samsung however, is giving a good competition to LG this CES 2018 in the television segment. Samsung did not reveal the price or when it will be available exactly but it did confirm that it will ship this year. These TVs will also be compatible with both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa so the capabilities of what can be done with either of these new TV lineups is fairly extensive. This is just a prototype and we have still not seen an actual product of the previous prototype that we saw of an 18-inch OLED display.

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