Published: Tue, January 23, 2018
Global Media | By Abel Hampton

Iraq condemns German woman to death for belonging to Daesh

Iraq condemns German woman to death for belonging to Daesh

An Iraqi criminal court has ruled that a German woman of Moroccan descent should incur the death penalty for joining Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS), according to the court's spokesman.

A judicial source told AFP that one of the woman's two daughters had been killed while with the militants.

The Judge and spokesman of the court, Abdel Settar Bayraqdar, said in a statement that the German national, who was captured by Iraqi forces during the battle in the northern city Mosul previous year, was convicted for providing "logistical support and assistance to the terrorist organization in committing crimes".

A British woman who married and gave birth under the Islamic State regime in Syria has become one of the first so-called jihadi brides to be arrested on her return to the United Kingdom, a media report has claimed.

After a nine-month of counteroffensive, Iraqi forces succeeded in driving Daesh out of all the urban centers of Iraq in late 2017.

She can appeal the sentence, the spokesman said.

She was sentenced for providing logistical support and taking part in attacks on Iraqi security forces.

At least two other German women are also in prison in Iraq, whose authorities have not officially said how many jihadists were taken prisoner during the battle against IS.

Fellow German Linda Wenzel, 17, who joined the death cult in 2016, was also captured last summer and now faces being executed as well. Today a court condemned a German woman to death for helping the jihadist group.

Thousands of foreigners have been fighting for Islamic State in Iraq and Syria.

According to the German intelligence services, 910 people left Germany to join militant groups in Syria or Iraq. However, the terror group continues to carry out bombings and other attacks in the country.

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