Published: Sun, January 07, 2018
Tech | By Dwayne Harmon

Hi-Rez wants a slice of battle royale with Paladins Battlegrounds

Hi-Rez wants a slice of battle royale with Paladins Battlegrounds

Now, Hi-Rez Studios president Stew Chisam has explained why he and his team opted for "Battlegrounds" over, say, battle royale, or a similar appendage.

"Battlegrounds", a new mode for the free-to-play multiplayer shooter that has drawn comparisons to "Overwatch".

Paladins: Battlegrounds is still in development, but from how it is described by Hi-Rez Studios, the similarities between the game mode and PUBG extend beyond their names. Which is rather short for a Battle Royale style game mode.

Paladins, a multiplayer shooter featuring different heroes with special abilities like Overwatch, will soon get a Battle Royale-inspired mode that looks very similar to PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds.

Paladins' iteration of battle royale will be called Battlegrounds. But Battlegrounds-we actually settled on Battlegrounds because-I don't know if you got the same feeling when you played but when we got to actually playing the mode, you're in your four-person team with your classes, it felt like an MMO raid party. Paladins: Battlegrounds is on display at the expo, but won't be ready until later in the year.

Announced at Hi-Rez Expo 2018, the mode will drop 100 players onto a big map and, as a fog closes in, players will have to knock out their opponents with weapons they find scattered about. It will be available alongside a new map, Trade District.

Of course, players could not expect a major event to go by without mention of a new champion. This magical Flank introduces a new species to the Realm, the Leipori.

When Paladins was released in September 2016, it immediately drew comparisons with the massively popular Overwatch, which was released a few months earlier that year. According to the developer, 2018 will be just as fresh with content, evidenced by the Battlegrounds and Team Deathmatch modes and the new hero that were announced during today's conference.

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