Published: Tue, January 09, 2018
Research | By Jennifer Evans

Google Pay merges Android Pay and Google Wallet

Google Pay merges Android Pay and Google Wallet

It's joining with Airbnb, Dice, HungryHouse, and Instacart in the launch of a revamped Google Pay - touted as bringing together Google's various payment platforms, including Android Pay and Google Wallet, under one unified service. Google Pay and Apple Pay are now set to dominate all the payments.

The P2P money sending platform Google Wallet's all of the features are implemented in the Google Pay system, at the same time with all capabilities of Android Pay.

Called simply Google Pay, the new payment product also incorporates all the other different ways you could previously pay with Google, including Play Store app purchases or enabling your Chrome browser to automatically fill in payment info like credit card numbers and whatnot. The merger is aimed at making all payments across Google and on third party services more simple and safer. Now, whether you're paying for something at CVS, purchasing a subscription in YouTube, or buying movie tickets via Fandango's website, you'll encounter the same Google Pay logo., All the payment options you already have saved to your Google Account will be at your disposal. Google announced that it's consolidating all platforms under the Google Pay banner.

One of the biggest questions that many Google users have often pondered upon is - why does Google have two apps which do pretty much the same thing - Google Wallet and Android Pay.

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