Published: Thu, January 18, 2018
Global Media | By Abel Hampton

Democrats say no Dreamer solution after Kelly meeting

Democrats say no Dreamer solution after Kelly meeting

One White House official on Wednesday (Thursday NZT) said Kelly's suggestion that Trump's positions had evolved was inartful, and maintained Trump is still committed to his immigration priorities.

"[Trump's] changed his attitude toward the DACA issue and even the wall", Kelly said, referring to the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.

"He has evolved in the way he's looked at things", Kelly said of his boss.

"Although the president reportedly signaled his new stance on the wall during a meeting with lawmakers earlier this month, as The Washington Post notes, ".in recent days [he] has reiterated his desire to build a border wall that would be funded by Mexico 'indirectly through NAFTA'".

"Certain things are said during the campaign that are uninformed", Kelly told the publication.

The White House chief of staff says US President Donald Trump's views on immigration are evolving, giving some people hope for a compromise, while perplexing others.

"He used the word 'evolved, '" Grijalva said, adding that Kelly said Trump has "evolved, in the general context of the wall and DACA, and he said you make campaign promises; that's different from governing".

Kelly refuted that assessment as well, telling meeting attendees that a wall would not do much to stop illegal drugs from getting into the country since drug cartels are made up of "very smart and good businessmen" who "will always find a way to get their drugs in so long as there's demand in the U.S".

Kelly later confirmed that last point in his interview with Fox News. "I ordered that. I managed that".

"I think it's beneath him, but he is a United States Senator and he has his opinions, and he can voice them any way he wants, I guess", Kelly said.

Another group of high-level lawmakers has also started talks aimed at brokering an immigration deal, adding an additional level of uncertainty. Lucille Roybal-AllardLucille Elsa Roybal-AllardKelly told Dems some of Trump's immigration promises were "uninformed": report Dem offers bill to reauthorize underage drinking prevention programs Top Dem: Congress will face backlash for DHS shutdown MORE (D-Calif.), to explain Trump's proposed wall along the U.S. -Mexico border.

"A concrete wall from sea to shining sea" is not going to happen, Kelly said.

Kelly's meeting with Democratic lawmakers comes as Trump blasted a bipartisan Senate immigration proposal in an interview Wednesday, calling it "horrible" on border security and "very, very weak" on reform to the legal immigration system.

Meanwhile, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., said there's "very, very strong" sentiment among Democrats in the chamber to oppose GOP-drafted legislation to keep the government's doors open.

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