Published: Sat, January 13, 2018
Global Media | By Abel Hampton

Cavusoglu names main causes of discord between Turkey and US

Cavusoglu names main causes of discord between Turkey and US

According to the report, the Russian Army General Staff sent a warning letter to the Turkish Army Chief of Staff, Hulusi Akar, as well as to the Turkish Intelligence Services Chief (MIT), Hakan Fidan, and urges them to take immediate care regarding security in the region.

He said that Washington should understand that PYD and YPG do not represent all ethnic Kurds of Syria.

Ankara says YPG fighters are linked to Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) separatists inside Turkey, who have waged an armed campaign since 1984 that has killed more than 40,000 people.

"Iran and Russian Federation need to carry out their responsibilities". The reports say that Syrian government forces, supported by Russian Federation were trying to regain control of areas controlled by Daesh and other rebel groups.

Cavusoglu emphasised that in efforts to bring peace to Syria, Russia and Iran were the "guarantors" of the regime side and Turkey of the opposition.

Russia's ambassador to Ankara, Alexei Yerkhov and Iranian ambassador Mohammad Ebrahim Taherian Fard were called in to express Turkey's discontent over the continuing attacks in Idlib.

For the Russian part, Russia's Defense Ministry said its forces run in Hmeymim base in Syria repelled a series of drone attacks Saturday.

Earlier, Ankara's Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu stated that Syrian armed forces have been carrying out attacks on the so-called moderate opposition in the province of Idlib under the pretext of fighting terrorism. Secondly, that is also an attempt to destroy our relations with partners, Turkey and Iran.

"Russia and Assad try to find excuses to clear Idlib from rebels, even makes ones up if necessary".

"We shared our concerns about the USA giving armed weapons' training to members" of the Syrian Kurdish Democratic Union Party's (PYD) militia with the United States charge d'affaires Philip Kosnett, Turkish foreign ministry sources said.

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