Published: Sun, January 07, 2018
Global Media | By Abel Hampton

And the winner is... Republican the victor after name drawn from bowl

And the winner is... Republican the victor after name drawn from bowl

The circle around Simonds' name had a line through it, the panel said, invalidating it.

Control of the House of Delegates is at stake.

The drawing is the second attempt by Virginia election officials to settle the race after Yancey appeared to beat Simonds by 10 votes in the 94th district. "All options are on the table".

Upholding the results would be a relief to Republicans, who went into November's elections with a 66-34 majority in the House that evaporated in an anti-Trump surge.

Democrat Shelly Simonds, who sat next to her family and watched as James Alcorn, the Chairman of the Board of Elections, announced her opponent's name to a packed room inside the Patrick Henry Room in Richmond's Capitol Square, did not concede in the aftermath of the drawing, leaving open the possibility of an additional recount. The name of each candidate, typed on a piece of paper, was displayed to the crowd of onlookers and sealed inside a film canister.

Yancey, who did not attend the random drawing ceremony, said in a statement that he looked forward to getting back to work. A similar request by the Democrats was then rejected, the recount total was redone, and the race is suddenly tied.

Lady luck registered as a Republican Thursday, handing the party a victory in an unusual lottery to determine the outcome of not only a tied Virginia House of Delegates race, but control of the entire chamber.

Our historic gains in the House of Delegates were a resounding rejection of the toxic, Trumpian rhetoric and policies that defined the Republican strategy both up and down the ballot this year.

After weeks of political drama, the Virginia Board of Elections drew the name of Republican incumbent David Yancey out of a ceremonial blue and white ceramic bowl to determine the certified victor of the Virginia House of Delegates 94th District seat. That's because Republican David Yancey skipped the drawing, while Democratic challenger Shelley Simonds and many of her supporters absorbed it in stunned silence. Republican Delegate David Yancey won the drawing. However, today's vote was even more significant because it will also determine the speaker of the house and committee assignments.

The balance of power in the House could shift again because a lawsuit is pending over the results of another House race in Northern Virginia. The next day, the Republicans chose to violate the rules and throw a Hail Mary pass created to convince local judges to count an additional ballot in their favor, with no legal justification and no advance notice to opposing counsel. Because "every vote should be counted and every vote should count". A hearing regarding the request for a new election is scheduled for Friday in Alexandria.

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