Published: Thu, January 18, 2018
Research | By Jennifer Evans

All-Electric Ferrari Supercar Will Leave Its Rivals In The Dust

All-Electric Ferrari Supercar Will Leave Its Rivals In The Dust

Ferrari chief Sergio Marchionne has promised an electric supercar, which will challenge Tesla's sports auto, the Roadster.

Ferrari will build an electric supercar to take on Tesla's recently announced new Roadster, CEO Sergio Marchionne confirmed at the Detroit auto show mid-January, and will also field an SUV, "the fastest on the market", by late 2019 or 2020.

Marchionne was speaking at the Detroit auto show, where industry leaders are now gathered to reveal plans and discuss trends for 2018 and beyond.

Ferrari, the famed sports vehicle manufacturer based in Italy, which earlier disliked the idea of manufacturing eco-conscious electric supercar, has now unveiled its plans of developing an SUV. He went on to praise Elon Musk and Tesla for what they have accomplished, adding that "it's doable by all of us".

Then there's the sketchy timeline for this - Marchionne describes Ferrari's eventual electric supercar as an "if", rather than a definite certainty. Ferrari is going to be the first to make an electric supercar?

The upcoming plan will be Marchionne's last at the helm of Ferrari which is targeting annual sales of 10,000 units. Marchionne reckons, for example, that by 2025 fewer than half the cars sold will be be fully combustion-powered, as gas and diesel give way to hybrid, electric and fuel cell drivetrains. The goal now is to hold on to that feel of exclusivity while also doubling profits by 2022.

He says that carmakers have less than a decade to reinvent themselves and embrace new automotive technologies to survive in the future automaker.

Tesla's Model S in high-performance configurations has been embarrassing some supercars as well.

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