Published: Sun, January 07, 2018
Culture | By Antonia Gonzales

After Outcry Over Saffron, UP Haj House Repainted In White Colour

After Outcry Over Saffron, UP Haj House Repainted In White Colour

Uttar Pradesh State Haj Committee office in Lucknow.

Even after wearing off a little saffron tinge from the walls of the Haj house, the state administration made a decision to went ahead with the plan of repainting buildings.

"Secretary of the UP Haj Committee R P Singh has taken immediate cognisance of the matter, and issued directives for its rectification", a statement issued by the government said.

Boundary wall of the Uttar Pradesh Haj Committee's office got back its original cream colour on Friday, within 24 hours of the structure being painted in saffron which evoked criticism.

This move comes three days after the Yogi government reduced the number of holidays allocated to state-recognised madrassas.

The work was done by the UP estates department late on Thursday night and the Haj office staff was not immediately available for a reaction, Friday being a holiday.

UP Hajj Office Colored Saffron Under BJP Lead Yogi Adityanath Govt
After Muslims reject saffron, Lucknow Haj House to repainted in white

In October past year, 50 saffron-coloured buses of the UP State Road Transport Corporation, named "Sankalp Seva", were launched to provide service in rural areas.

Tanzeem Ulema-e-Hind State President Maulana Nadeemuljwadi had lodged strong protest warning the BJP government not to indulge in such acts which provoke religious sentiments of the community members. But as the saffron had a thick coating, the wall took a cream colour. The BJP will paint it saffron, the SP will choose green and the BSP blue...

When contacted, Minister of State for Minority Affairs Mohsin Raza said, "I fail to understand the problem of those having issues with the new colour". "There is no need for controversy in such things, saffron is an energetic and bright looking colour".

After assuming office in March previous year, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath showed his fondness for the colour as the state government gave saffron tinge to covers of official booklets and background of official posters issued by the public relations department and ministries.

He said, "This is peculiar politics".

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