Published: Sat, December 02, 2017
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War criminal poisons himself in court after sentence is upheld

War criminal poisons himself in court after sentence is upheld

"Former head of the chief headquarters of the Croatian Defence Council, General Slobodan Praljak, died in a hospital in The Hague after he drank poison in a courtroom after the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia confirmed his 20-year sentence for war crimes", Croatian TV reported.

The UN war crimes tribunal is handing down its last judgment in an appeal by six Bosnian Croatian political and military leaders who were convicted in 2013 of persecuting, expelling and murdering Muslims during Bosnia's war.

Slobodan Praljak, 72, appeared to drink from a small bottle after shouting that he rejected his conviction.

Slobodan Praljak brings a bottle to his lips, during a Yugoslav War Crimes Tribunal in The Hague, Netherlands.


In a statement, the ICTY said Praljak "was immediately assisted by the ICTY medical staff" and was "transported to a nearby hospital to receive further medical assistance where he passed".

"In accordance with standard procedures, at the request of the ICTY, the Dutch authorities have initiated an independent investigation which is now ongoing".

"We have all unfortunately witnessed his act by which he took his own life", Mr Plenković told reporters, adding that Praljak's action reflected the "deep moral injustice" done to six Bosnian Croats whose guilty verdicts were upheld by the United Nations war...

It saw a total of 100,000 people killed and 2.2million displaced in the three-year war. "We voice dissatisfaction and regret about the verdict".

Maltese judge Carmel Agius witnessed a shocking scene at the International Court of Justice today, as a convicted Bosnian war criminal drank a phial of poison and died upon hearing his verdict.

The court ruled that Praljak was aware that soldiers were rounding up Muslims in Prozor in the summer of 1993, but he failed to make any serious efforts to stop the action.

"Don't take away the glass", Agius said, instructing the guards to lower blinds and block a glass-partition separating the court from the public. In fact, he was a Bosnian Croat commander with a militia operating in Bosnia.

"Okay. We suspend the... we suspend..." he said.

When the ambulance arrived outside the tribunal, several emergency workers rushed into the building carrying equipment while a helicopter also hovered overhead. Please drop your comment!

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