Published: Wed, December 13, 2017
Research | By Jennifer Evans

Twitter makes it easy to create tweet threads

Twitter makes it easy to create tweet threads

Twitter is also tweaking how threads are shown in people's feeds.

The product changes are part of Twitter's effort to address concerns that its network is hard to use, which analysts have said is one reason why it's not picking up users as quickly as investors would like. The company is making the tweet storm an official feature called Twitter Threads. To compose a single tweet you just tap the compose button then tap the "Tweet" button now located in the top right hand corner.

With the new feature, users who create threads - stitching tweets together to tell a longer story - need no longer reply to previous tweets to do so.

So even though that statement may not be entirely true, Twitter does like to roll out new features from time to time to meet the demands and needs of its users.

For as long as Twitter has existed, users have been circumventing its 140 character limit (which, as of last month, is now 280). Threads help make the river of tweets in users' timelines more navigable, and also allow the company to play to its strengths as a source for breaking news and commentary. Noting that tweet storms have taken off in popularity but realizing at the same time that they're an inefficient way to create a thread, Twitter has rolled out new tools that will let you create a thread without a lot of effort. Then you say what you want to say in a second tweet, hit the button again to add further thoughts, and so on and so on. You can add to your published thread by tapping the "Add another Tweet" button. That might change depending on how people use it.

Twitter says threads will begin rolling out today to everyone on iOS, Android and the web, to reach the full user base over a few weeks' time.

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