Published: Sat, December 02, 2017
Culture | By Antonia Gonzales

Shilpa Shinde Dances To Make Vikas Gupta,The New Captain

Shilpa Shinde Dances To Make Vikas Gupta,The New Captain

She blames Shilpa for the entire house's dirt.

Their presence saved Shilpa from embarrassment on the national television. Shilpa Shinde brings tea for Vikas Gupta.

In the washroom, Hina Khan cries by seeing her chopped hairs. Arshi jokingly tells Hiten Tejwani to stop talking to Vikas, but he tells her that he is the only friend he has and he can't do that.

Shilpa tells Bandgi about all of this, and starts crying and tells her that she did ask Arshi for food.

Puneesh and Bandagi denied to enter the jail and Puneesh got violent in the house, he even called Akash a "Napunsak" (impotent).

Interestingly, Bigg Boss gives a task in which contestants have to give five names which suits the title and contestants have to click the flawless selfie. The December 1 episode is all about fun, dance and entertainment as Priyank Sharma and Vikas Gupta will battle it out in the cool captaincy task.

Bigg Boss will further give a musical surprise to everyone.

Soon after the announcement, Priyank can be seen asking the rest of the housemates to support him.

Hina gets a title of Shaitaan (devil) of the house, Luv gets "Phuski Bomb", Akash gets Donkey, Shilpa gets "Thaali Ka Baingan" and Vikas gets the title of the victor of the show. Vikas kissed Priyank on his cheeks, and Priyank broke down with guilt.

We see both contestants trying hard to convince the fellow contestants to dance for them. On the first song, Arshi dances for Vikas and Hina dances for Priyank.

Then, Hina also tries to sort out the differences between Vikas and Priyank Sharma. Priyank also says that why Hina thinks that she will go till the finale, because it's Salman, who said that to her on one weekend.

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