Published: Wed, December 13, 2017
Culture | By Antonia Gonzales

'Saturday Night Live' puts Al Franken on Santa's naughty list

'Saturday Night Live' puts Al Franken on Santa's naughty list

Saturday Night Live is cranking up the holiday spirit by making Kenan Thompson a mall Santa Clause and Kate McKinnon his helper elf, but with so much going on in the world, it's hard to focus on the simple, material things in life.

"I guess you could say that Al Franken is on Santa's naughty list this year", Santa said.

"It's not really a list", Kate McKinnon, playing an elf named Amy, deadpans. She asks if Donald Trump is on the naughty list as well, to which Santa says that the president has done some naughty things this year.

Che, meanwhile, complained about Roy Moore's continued strength in opinion polls despite allegations of child sexual abuse.

After Thompson tells one girl that "we can all learn a lesson" from what's going on in the news, she responds point-blank: "We sure can".

After coming back from his lunch break, Santa invites Tyler to sit on his lap and tell him what he wants for Christmas.

That's when Amy, who made a decision to nix the nickname "Sugar Plum" in light of the "current climate", told him, "It's not so much a list".

"Could I get a Mega Bloks Dinosaur?" "I know that things seem particularly insane right now", she said.

"I know", the girl replied. "But if you deny it, you get to keep your job!" Like truly mind-bendingly insane, and we seem to have lost all perspective on what's naughty or nice'.

If these kids are anything, it's tuned in... as in tuned to CNN, MSNBC and even Fox News.

'But as bad as things might seem, I promise you, Jenny, it will be okay. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, maybe not for another three years, 42 days and 24 minutes, but most people in America are good people. Cathy Anne wasn't convinced: "The voters in Alabama don't give a flying foot about Al Franken", she snapped (before defining flying foot as "When you step in a bear trap and you try to shake it out too hard and your foot goes flying").

Then, in a nod to Trump's support of West Virginia coal miners, Santa said to the girl, "Well OK, careful there, Jessica, or you might get coal in your stocking". "But just in case I'm putting all my money in Bit".

The best line of the skit came after Santa said to one little boy: "Maybe you'd like a toy for Christmas!"

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