Published: Sun, December 31, 2017
Tech | By Dwayne Harmon

Instagram to add 'Recommended' posts to feed

Instagram to add 'Recommended' posts to feed

This means users scrolling through the home page will no longer only see posts from accounts they already follow, writes Tech Crunch.

Instagram is now rolling out its "recommended for you" feature that shows photos in your feed snapped by people you're not following.

However, there is one fundamental difference between the hashtag feature and the new "recommended posts" feature. You will now see some Recommended For You suggested posts in your home feed, based on what the accounts you follow like. However, they were not pushed to the users' home feed.

Perhaps the biggest downside of the new feature is that users do not have the option of disabling it.

With the Recommended for You feature and the Hashtags, Instagram seems to want users to follow more accounts, according to Business Insider.

Why does @instagram insist on showing me photos of "recommended" people on my feed?

The latest feature is considered a major change since the platform abandoned chronological feed in favour of Facebook-like algorithm-based one or introduced advertisements.

Previously, the social network has used a system to show recommended content to users before, so users needed to click over to the Explore section before being presented with the posts. Just go to your profile, hit the three dots at the top and select Posts You've Liked.

The section appears after users have viewed all their posts in the feed, a spokesperson said. It also lets users follow hashtags instead of just people.

Tagged photos on Instagram aren't as prominent as they are on Facebook, but anyone can still browse through other people's pictures of you by visiting your profile and tapping the photo of you icon. "I follow the accounts I follow for a reason", Tweeted by a user called Bella. To get more followers, you need to keep your profile attractive. After all, even with the "recommended posts" feature, the posts you care about from the accounts you follow will always be available on your feed.

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