Published: Thu, December 07, 2017
Research | By Jennifer Evans

Google and Amazon Fight Removes Streaming Access From Echo Show

Google and Amazon Fight Removes Streaming Access From Echo Show

That includes Google's Chromecast streaming device, an alternative to Fire TV, and an internet-connected speaker called Home, which is trying to catch up to Amazon's market-leading Echo. Google explains that while Amazon uses YouTube on its devices, the retailer doesn't sell Google products like the Chromecast and Google Home, nor does it offer Prime Video for Google Cast users.

When two heavyweights from different subsectors of the tech world start directly competing there will be arguments and temper tantrums, but Google and Amazon have escalated the feud.

This news is disappointing and hurts Amazon and Google's customers.

Both companies should reach at an agreement and resolve these issues to avoid inconvenience to consumers.

A person familiar with Google's thinking on the matter told Engadget that the problem was Amazon implementing what was essentially a hacked version of YouTube on both the Echo Show and Fire TV.

With each having a significant share of the leverage, it is going to be down to who blinks first, but with Amazon's business model based on low-profit margin ecosystem lock into a non-Google version of Android, any compromise on its side will be costly.

The search giant added that Amazon has stopped selling some products from Nest, a device maker that, like Google, is a subsidiary of Alphabet Inc.

Google is yanking YouTube from some Amazon products after the companies have become engaged in a bitter tow.

Of course, Google is taking this quite personally and has blocked Amazon from implementing Alexa commands into its YouTube app due to a violation to the Ts & Cs.

Shortly after the Wednesday open, Amazon shares were 0.23% lower at $1,139.00, while the Google stock was barely changed at $1,020.00.

The Amazon response was blunt. The latter is the smart speaker that features a 7-inch screen, and Google's streaming video site had proven to be quite popular on the Echo Show. Despite this, Amazon managed to reinstate YouTube on the Echo Show in November, according to Voicebot.

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