Published: Thu, December 07, 2017
Economy | By Melissa Porter

Facebook tops Glassdoor's 'Best Places to Work' list

Facebook tops Glassdoor's 'Best Places to Work' list

Its employees were described as "excellent, bright, ambitious individuals to work with", while a good high salary and benefits including food, medical, dental, travel expenses, were also listed as desirable benefits.

Now a new list has been released - naming the best places to work in 2018, according to employees. Launched in 2008, Glassdoor now has reviews and insights for approximately 700,000 companies in more than 190 countries.

"We know today's job seekers are more informed than ever about where they go to work, researching everything from company culture to career opportunities to pay philosophy and more".

Facebook's Lori Goler, vice president of people, told Forbes, "Diversity is critical to our mission at Facebook, because we serve a community of 2 billion around the world, and of course there's diversity in that community". Of these employers, Hohman notes that employee reviews demonstrate an "impressive consistency and ability to keep their workforces engaged and satisfied". "What's more, they offer a company culture that their employees truly believe in".

In the ten years Glassdoor has published the rankings, Apple entered the race at #19, peaked at #10 in 2012 and has been falling for the past three years.

Others in the top five are Boston Consulting Group and In-N-Out Burger. "We're a traditional service company that has the privilege of selling the American Dream of new-home ownership, while using exciting and progressive technology to engage our people and drive a world-class culture that rivals some of the most innovative tech brands in the nation", said Rice.

Ultimate Software, based in Miami, made the list for the first time.

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