Published: Mon, December 11, 2017
Tech | By Dwayne Harmon

Could the new FromSoftware game be Tenchu?

Could the new FromSoftware game be Tenchu?

From Software, the developers of beloved and notoriously hard series Dark Souls and Bloodborne has teased an entirely new game simply entitled "New Project".

The creators of Dark Souls have hinted at what their next game will be, in what could be a teaser for Bloodborne 2. Blood, bone, and machinery mixed together in a scene that showed a rope tightening around some gnarly-looking device that could be a weapon or something entirely different, knowing FromSoftware. The final message is as criptic as the image preceding: "Shadows Die Twice". With Dark Souls 3 arriving in 2016, it's feasible that From Software have been hard at work on this Soldiers' Soul IP since before Dark Souls 3 had wrapped, but who knows. Bloodborne, the PlayStation exclusive that came out in 2015, featured quite a bit of machinery, especially when compared to the medieval swords, shields, and magic in the Dark Souls series. But we'd note that the words Shadows Die Twice are in capital letters, so it could just be the name of the project itself.

What it doesn't look like though is a new Armored Core sequel, which is the only game From are known to be now working on. While the gore was led some to believe that this is clearly a tease for the next Bloodborne, others are speculating that this rather a short glimpse at a new Tenchu game.

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