Published: Thu, December 07, 2017
Global Media | By Abel Hampton

Atlanta mayor's race comes down to close call

Atlanta mayor's race comes down to close call

It will likely be next week before the final count comes in from Tuesday's Atlanta mayoral runoff.

Many feel that the race was as close as it was because of Bottoms' endorsement by the current mayor, Kasim Reed, whose administration has been accused of corruption and bribery investigation and is allegedly being investigated by the Atlanta City Hall, diving the Black vote.

Norwood told supporters that just 759 votes separated the candidates early Wednesday morning.

Due to Bottoms less than 1 percent victory margin, Norwood immediately called for a recount of the vote once the results were announced. Earlier this week, Tyrese shared an Instagram clip urging Atlanta voters to show their support for Bottoms on "the most important day, period" for "culture, diversity, voice, access, equal opportunities, [and] everything pertaining to what we stand for in the city of Atlanta". After that, Norwood can formally request a recount, which would probably happen by Tuesday. Her victory also would continue the Democratic Party's hold on an office it has held without interruption since 1879. Everyone seems to care about transportation, public safety and affordable housing.

"We're behind the times in terms of having a modern transportation system compared to what you see in NY or Washington", said Kendra A. King Momon, professor of politics at Oglethorpe University in Atlanta.

In a moment that sent chills through Rashad Richey, the Mayor-Elect paused to say that the City of Atlanta owes Richey a debt of gratitude for him raising the consciousness of voters in this election. "She's approachable. She has been here". Regardless of who wins, Atlanta will have its second female mayor, following Franklin who left office in 2010. Bottoms led with 26 percent of the vote while Norwood had 21 percent.

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