Published: Fri, December 08, 2017
Research | By Jennifer Evans

50 new Pokemon added to Pokemon Go in a major update

For more from Bhargava as well as product manager Matt Slemon, read our interview about generation 3 Pokemon and dynamic weather in Pokemon Go.

The fact that Niantic made a decision to incorporate the real-life weather into Pokemon Go's gameplay demonstrates that game developers continue to push boundaries even more. While the starters are a foregone conclusion, the trailer Niantic released to celebrate these new Pokemon teases Salamence, Shiftry, Aggron, Ludicolo, and Groudon.

Niantic is going to release a series of "Pokemon GO" updates starting this week.

Another huge addition that will roll out this week is the new dynamic weather system. That said, there are six different weather types available clear, rain, cloudy, fog, snow, and windy. Because, you know, it's so much fun playing a video game outside in the rain or snow. This will also change the way players discover, catch, and interact with Pokemon as the system is based upon local weather patterns. If it is raining, water-type creatures will be more visible. The first major addition, coming later in the week, is fifty Generation Three Pokemon from Ruby and Sapphire.

Weather near players will impact Pokemon in a variety of ways and some attacks will be more effective during certain conditions. The rest should follow in a couple of months, and will add another 50 individual Pokemon to the game. According to reports, the Gen 3 Pokemon will be out in batches, according to their themes.

Going on IGN to discuss some of Pokemon Go's newest features, Niantic's marketing lead, Archit Bhargava, went on to assure fans that the company still had plans to incorporate PvP and trading in Pokemon Go. Although Niantic still has a lot of generations to work within the Pokemon universe, it can not introduce them all at the same time. Game developers update this app periodically, implementing new augmented reality features.

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