Published: Wed, November 08, 2017
Research | By Jennifer Evans

Watch_Dogs is free on PC right now

Watch_Dogs is free on PC right now

Ubisoft has even implemented a pre-load section so that you can download the game today and play it tomorrow when the deal begins.

Watch Dogs, a decent open world action game with an terrible protagonist and a few interesting gameplay hooks, can be yours for free right now. The E3 footage of the game looked substantially better than the finished product, which turned a lot of people away. By going on to the official site for this promotion, you can sign in with your Uplay account and redeem it.

"While it is not the much hoped revolutionary piece of gaming experience, Watch Dogs manages to provide a superb open-world sandbox experience that puts more focus on stealth than any of its peers". Unlike most free weekends, which to be fair are usually trial versions of new games, Ubisoft have confirmed you'll be able to keep Watch Dogs when the weekend is over.

The game came out 3 years ago and was well received by critics.

From November 7, 4pm UTC until November 13, 4pm UTC, you can grab Watch Dogs for free, and then it's yours forever. This means that you have an entire week to claim the game as your own.

Free time? Pick up Watch Dogs for free, this weekend only. That gives you a whole week to add the game to your virtual library. With that said, getting Watch_Dogs for free, rather than the normal $29.99, makes it well worth trying it out.

Register and download your game FOR FREE here. Yesterday they made a decision to give it a way for free for a limited time on PC.

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