Published: Wed, November 01, 2017
Global Media | By Abel Hampton

Utah librarian spotted man sought in 2 deaths

Utah librarian spotted man sought in 2 deaths

According to University of Utah Police Chief Dale Brophy, as the wife was being treated for an injury, Boutain shot and killed a man during a carjacking at the mouth of the canyon.

Police are searching for a suspect.

Police did not offer details about how the man was killed or his identity because they were in the process of informing his family.

Brophy says authorities believe the couple have been in Utah for several days and were camping in the foothills above the University of Utah. Police said the woman's husband, Boutain, shot Guo while trying to carjack him.

A pre-computer science student and peer adviser in the school's International Student and Scholar Services Office, Guo was also an interpreter and technology supporter at the Salt Lake City-based Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, according to a social media profile.

Boutain also has a son who lives in Minnesota.

(Note: The suspect was not seen driving this vehicle Monday night, but police say it is a vehicle the suspect had access to days before the shooting).

Police announced that Boutain had been caught about an hour later.

An worldwide student was shot dead near the University of Utah Monday night and the gunman is at large.

University officials canceled Tuesday classes. People on the campus remained on lockdown hours later.

The university, located in Salt Lake City, issued an alert to students at about 8:30 p.m. (0230 GMT Tuesday), saying "Shots fired".

Boutain is believed to have fled on foot into the canyon's thick brush after shooting Guo. Considered armed and risky.

Federal Bureau of Investigation agents responded, as did law enforcement officials in helicopters and armored vehicles.

Salt Lake City police Sgt. Brandon Shearer told the Salt Lake Tribune that "one person is confirmed deceased".

Utah Transit Authority said there will be limited light rail service and that buses won't service the campus for the rest of the night.

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