Published: Fri, November 10, 2017
Global Media | By Abel Hampton

Undercover operation reveals gaps in TSA screenings

Undercover operation reveals gaps in TSA screenings

The source says the Inspector General did not use security experts, but secretaries and administrative workers instead.

The House Homeland Security Committee was told Wednesday that DHS investigators found that undercover officers were able to pass TSA checkpoints over 70 percent of the time with mock knives, guns, and explosives, CBS News reported.

TSA announced last month that all flights arriving to the U.S. would be subjected to new security screening procedures, with American citizens as well as foreigners possibly facing interviews by airline employees.

During a recent probe at USA airports by the Department of Homeland Security, Transportation Security Administration screeners failed to detect test weapons more than half of the time, according to ABC News.

The TSA said in the statement that the classified briefing was "to discuss the results of the most recent OIG covert testing at airport security checkpoints".

Word of those security lapses has some travelers at RDU International Airport anxious.

The Transportation Security Administration said it agrees with the report and is committed to Department of Homeland Security recommendations, though are no specifics on what those entail.

"We found that briefing disturbing", said Michael McCaul, chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee. The exact number of TSA failings is not entirely known as it was made in closed session; CBS reports it as more than 70 percent while ABC says that 80 percent is in the right ballpark.

The equipment is said to be ready and is being tested in TSA checkpoints in at least two airports, however software and installation challenges have slowed wider implementation. 'We are focused on staying ahead of a dynamic threat to aviation with continued investment in the workforce, enhanced procedures and new technologies, ' he added.

The head of TSA told ABC News that they will take those recommendations seriously.

US President Donald Trump sent a letter to Congress on Monday requesting $5.9 billion in new funding for the Pentagon while reiterating a plea for $1.6 billion in new funding for the border wall, Government Executive reports.

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