Published: Fri, November 10, 2017
Economy | By Melissa Porter

Target's Fidget Spinners Could Be Poisoning Kids

Target is selling fidget spinners with potentially unsafe lead levels, according to a new study. On Target's website, the "Fidget Wild Premium Spinner Bass" is recommended for ages 14 and over, as well as, 6 and over.

Fidget spinners sold at Target might contain high levels of lead, the U.S.

The group is calling on Target to stop selling the items and issue recalls for the ones they've already sold.

CBS News reported Thursday that Tamara Rubin, a Portland, Oregon, mother who runs the Lead-Safe Mama Facebook page, tests products that parents send to her, including lots of fidget spinners.

Due to its harmful effects on child development, federal laws limit the amount of lead in children's products to 100 ppm of total lead content.

The report found the Fidget Wild Premium Spinner Brass tested at 33,000 parts per million for lead, while the Fidget Wild Premium Spinner in Metal tested at 1,300 parts per million.

Fidget spinners are still all the rage among the young crowd.

"Safety is one of our top priorities", said a Bulls i Toy spokesperson in an email to the Washington Post. CPSC stands for the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Exposure to high levels of lead has been shown to cause lead poisoning, which can cause organ damage and long-term health problems.

Non-profit PIRG Education Fund conducted the lab tests and reported that two fidget spinners that were being sold by the retailer contained levels of lead that far exceeded the legal limit allowed for children's toys, Business Insider said. "We can't sit idly by while children play with these toxic toys - and yes, common sense dictates that these are toys". Even though it's not marketed as a children's toy, the group said there's no denying that kids use the product. A spokeswoman for the CPSC said she could not comment specifically on the products being sold by Target.

"The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has reviewed and explicitly defined fidget spinners as 'general use products, '" Target said in a statement. Company representatives argue that a fidget spinner is not a toy because such products are not intended for kids 14 and older.

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