Published: Sun, November 05, 2017
Economy | By Melissa Porter

Sneaky Fake WhatsApp App Attracts 1M+ Downloads

Sneaky Fake WhatsApp App Attracts 1M+ Downloads

Users are being warned about a fake version WhatsApp for Business app, which has been available to download from the Google Play Store. Also added, the original one has 1 billion downloads.

Reportedly, there is also a fake version of popular mobile game Temple Run 2 making round on Google Play Store, which was uploaded on the platform in October. In the future, be sure to double-check the name of the app, the app developer, and read reviews to make sure there's nothing amiss before downloading something.

According to, 46 per cent users complained of problems with the connection while 41 per cent reported issues with sending or receiving messages.

The app mimicked WhatsApp's own design, but was spotted and revealed as a phoney by Reddit users in a thread on the Android subreddit. The spoof used the name "Update WhatsApp", and included the WhatsApp logo to make it appear as though the phony was an official update to the very popular messaging app. Despite some users describing it as a "fake app", the application has apparently garnered over 10,000 downloads. As Motherboard noted, Avast researcher Nikolaos Chrysaidos pointed out that it was downloaded at least 1 million times.

While this particular one app might have been removed from Play Store, a number of other apps continue to exist (see picture at the top).

A coupon and local deal app called Retale updated its name to "Black Friday 2016: Ads, Shopping Deals & Coupons" a few weeks before Black Friday past year.

In addition, another change that the latest version of Google Play Store may bring is auto-updating of system apps.

The business version is expected to allow users to place orders through the app and receive status updates and production information from businesses.

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