Published: Thu, November 02, 2017
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Shilpa Shinde and Vikas Gupta get into an intense fight again

Shilpa Shinde and Vikas Gupta get into an intense fight again

The task for the day was over but the discussions and planning were not. In a recently released promo, both Shilpa and Vikas are seen indulging in what appears to be a physical fight. Shilpa and Vikas once again compete against each other as businessmen trying to make maximum profit in the luxury budget task. Vikas and Shilpa also made personal attacks at each other during this week.

Ever since Dhinchak Pooja declared that she likes Luv Tyagi, the contestants have gone out their way to entertain themselves with this linkup.

Loyal viewers of Bigg Boss 11 saw Vikas Gupta and Shilpa Shinde battling it out in this week's Luxury Budget Task "BB Cushion Factory". Shilpa then tried to make things right by pleading with Akash (who had locked himself inside the washroom for reasons best known to him), to return the money. Since Vikas and Shilpa's team could not complete the consignment of 75 cushions, Bigg Boss announces that they have failed in the first round. The fight then escalates when Mehajbi calls Shilpa an abusive word and then Shilpa retaliates with calling her dirty, because she comes from a poor family and place. Arshi will even call her a 'pagal aurat, ' while Vikas will call her desperate, and claim that Shilpa is taking unfair advantage of being a woman.

In the second round, Vikas and team manage to take away all the cotton from the godown leaving nothing for Shilpa and her team.

Now, that Ben and Vikas are the two contenders who will fight for captaincy, some of the housemates are very disappointed about how the task was performed because they do not want Ben to be one of the contenders. In the meanwhile, Vikas' team realised that there was a theft. She gave him a bundle of money, which Hina didn't approve of.

Will Vikas be able to lift his ban on captaincy?

On the other hand, Bandgi Kalra tells Puneesh about their money and friends Akash and Arshi had an argument. However, Vikas urges Puneesh Sharma to help him in the task. Keep watching this space for more updates from the episodes.

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