Published: Fri, November 03, 2017
Global Media | By Abel Hampton

Senate President Stephen Parry may be a dual-citizen

Senate President Stephen Parry may be a dual-citizen

The Greens have the backing of some Labor and coalition backbenchers for an audit, which would involve all MPs providing proof of their Australian-only citizenship to an independent body.

Given that Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce was booted from parliament after it was revealed he was a duel citizen of New Zealand.

"With a heavy heart I inform you that I have received advice from the British Home Office that I am a British citizen by virtue of my father's birthplace", Mr Parry said.

Assistant health minister David Gillespie added: "It's not the job of parliament to go double-checking on people".

He quoted former United States president Abraham Lincoln who said in 1864: "I claim not to have controlled events, but confess plainly that events have controlled me".

The Tasmanian Liberal senator, on a salary of $350,000 a year, is one of the most senior members of Government, elected to the prestigious position of Senate President to maintain the good administration of Parliament's Upper House.

"I understand my government colleagues are not of a mind for an audit but I do think that the matter does need to be clarified".

'Does that mean somebody is going to undertake extensive genealogical research on every member of parliament and senator?

'(Senator Williams) has those particular characteristics respected across the parliament and is a decent character and has always behaved that way, ' Senator Scullion told Sky News.

Just when you thought we had heard the last of the citizenship scandal in politics, Senate President Stephen Parry believes he could be a citizen.

Now that the High Court's recent ruling has given absolute clarity to the meaning and application of Section 44 (1) and as required by Section 17 of the Constitution, I will submit my resignation as both President of the Senate and as a Senator for Tasmania to His Excellency the Governor-General tomorrow.

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