Published: Wed, November 08, 2017
Tech | By Dwayne Harmon

Phishing scam targets millions of Netflix subscribers

Phishing scam targets millions of Netflix subscribers

If you are one of the nearly 110 million Netflix subscribers around the world, you should pay very close attention to an email "from" Netflix in which the video-streaming giant purports to need you to validate your billing information.

Clicking on any of the links will redirect you to a fake site where your details will be stolen by scammers. On the surface, the email looks convincing, and it includes a Netflix logo.

If you are targeted in this scam or receive any other unusual emails from someone you think is pretending to be the streaming network, please let Netflix know via customer service, and they will report this scam to the proper agencies.

A well designed Netflix email targets some of the 110 million Netflix subscribers worldwide!

According to MailGuard, a website which tracks email security issues, this scam is relatively well-designed and could fool some users. Ignore the "sender" name and look for the actual email address (check it letter for letter, including the top-level domain that comes after the final dot) that the sender is using so that you can confirm their identity.

They then ask the user to submit their personal details along with credit or debit card details. Screenshots revealed that the emails asked Netflix subscribers to validate their billing information or have their memberships suspended.

Like most online companies, Netflix has a help page that gives safety and security tips.

The company made a statement that it takes subscribers' accounts seriously, and it will continue to take measures to recognize fraudulent activity to keep all accounts safe.

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