Published: Thu, November 02, 2017
Sport | By Billy Aguilar

Miss Peru Contestants Take To Stage To Protest Domestic Violence

Miss Peru Contestants Take To Stage To Protest Domestic Violence

Contestants of the Miss Peru 2018 competition took a moment to shed light on an important issue.

Instead of stating their body measurements, each contestant offered a statistic about violence against women to emphasise the widespread nature of the problem in Peru.

"I think that the fact that you are looking at your regional representative, at the queen of your department, giving open and real figures about what is happening in our country is alarming", Ms. Newton said.

As of 2014, 36 percent of women in Peru will experience physical and/or sexual intimate abuse by a partner in her lifetime, according to the UN Women Global Database on Violence Against Women.

Luciana Fernandez Lopes, from Huanuco, said: "13,000 girls suffer from sexual abuse in our country".

Each woman stepped forward with the standard introductory line - "My name is... and I represent..."

The victor, Romina Lozano, who will go on to represent Peru in the Miss Universe pageant in November reported, "My measurements are 3,114 female victims of trafficking have been registered since 2014".

It was an organized revolt and consciousness-raising.

Yes, there was a Miss Congeniality victor at the pageant, but the contestants all rocked the boat when it came to pageantry as usual.

Broadly reported that protest organisers in Peru said this miscarriage of justice was the final straw for the growing women's movements against female violence in Peru.

She also defended the pageant's swimsuit section - often thought of as the most demeaning of all the contests - as an example proving that all women, no matter what they're wearing, should be treated with respect.

The very fact that contestants are made to announce their "measurements" to a crowded room has been found odious, and the swimsuit round is seen as a titillation fest to ogle bikini-clad women and judge who has the best curves.

However, the former editor of a women's magazine in Peru named Lizzy Cantú questioned the delivery of the statistics. "I'm against harassment, mistreatment, rape and others", organizer Jessica Newton told local newspaper Peru21.

Women are killed exclusively due to their gender so much that this type of murder has its own name - femicide. "Everyone who does not do something to stop this is an accomplice", she said.

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