Published: Thu, November 02, 2017
Culture | By Antonia Gonzales

Millie Bobby Brown Raps 'Stranger Things' Recap

Millie Bobby Brown Raps 'Stranger Things' Recap

Her verses covered Dungeons & Dragons, those insane Christmas lights, Eggo waffles and even her own character's penchant for telekinetic nosebleeds. Heck, she earned an Emmy nomination for her performance in season 1 and barely had any dialogue. Brown told the publication that she uses her face to communicate because it's quite easy to express emotions like anger, sadness, and happiness.

We know Stranger Things 2 has been out a few days (we've already watched it twice), but for anyone needing a season one recap before they binge, Millie's got you covered.

We already knew the 13-year-old could act, we saw that on Stranger Things.

In the interview, Millie also revealed she's never had any formal training as an actor or singer, which only makes her prowess that much more incredible.

Appearing to channel breakout rapper Cardi B, Millie handily recapped the first season of Stranger Things while spitting bars fresher than a casket of Eggos.

"Let's go back to IN, circa 1983", she began. "I think Broadway's such a tough kind of routine".

Her strong will to perform despite her hearing loss is emblematic of her overall determination.

And ch-ch-check out the rest of her appearance on the show (below)!

This isn't Eleven's first foray into rap either.

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