Published: Mon, November 13, 2017
Culture | By Antonia Gonzales

Kylie Jenner Rumoured To Be 'Tired' Of Hiding Her Rumoured Pregnancy

Kylie Jenner Rumoured To Be 'Tired' Of Hiding Her Rumoured Pregnancy

To put it lightly, there is a mini-war taking place inside the Jenner clan. "Her age is really starting to show".

Whether Kylie is attempting to tell us something or not is yet to be decided, however we just wish she would stop with the hints and give us some definitive information.

Fans have gone into a spin after the 20-year-old upload a video to Snapchat showing her left hand sporting some rather large bling on THAT finger.

A person close to the reality star spoke to Radar Online and said she is feuding with Kris who is pressuring her to hide her baby bump.

While Jenner and Scott have spent a lot of time together in the past, he is now touring the country and not always able to show up for Jenner when she needs him.

It would make sense if Kylie did take a pic of sanitary products to throw us off the scent, as just before this Snapchat story, she hit out at photographs appearing to show her sporting a huge baby bump.

"Kylie is a wreck emotionally at the moment". "She does not know what to do or who to trust, and she is just so vulnerable right now".

The source continued: "Kylie is just exhausted of being in hiding".

And it's not a surprise that Kylie is adjusting to her pregnant life.

Fans took to social media to share their thoughts about that big ring, some of them, kind of mad that she now spawned a new conspiracy.

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