Published: Wed, November 08, 2017
Tech | By Dwayne Harmon

IOS 11.2 Release Date Tips & Tricks

IOS 11.2 Release Date Tips & Tricks

"The buzz around the Apple's newest iOS and the arrival of new emojis was quickly subdued with folks complaining about the unusual noticeable occurrence on their social timelines. iPhone users noticed instead of the letter "I", they would see either "A [?]" or "![?]" in its place. Although you may enjoy the awesome new emojis that came with iOS 11.1, you may have noticed a bug when texting or writing photo captions: the letter "i" button isn't working right. This is needed to prevent the character from being automatically corrected to garbage. "A fix will be released very soon".

Apple's iOS 11.1 is experiencing difficulties in expressing the letter "i". It's a known bug. The Text Replacement option will be there, and users should then tap on the + symbol and add upper-case "I" in Phrase and lower-case "i" in Shortcut.

According to MacRumors, Apple support staff offered a temporary workaround using the iOS text replacement settings to replace all uses of a capital I with a lowercase i.

So far, there is n0 wo½rd on exactly when an µpdate for the prÕblem could arrA˜ve. The problem has popped on both iOS 11.1 and iOS 11.0.3, as well as macOS.

Apple has not yet released a software update to fix the bug, but they have a suggestion for frustrated "A?" phone users.

Don't miss this, because a lot of people are complaining about an Apple software glitch...maybe even you!

For now, one fix is to turn off autocorrect.

But a twist to the upgrade is the "killing" of battery life linked to iOS 11.1 as expressed by lots who users who expressed their frustration on social media. "We know you knew what would happen with this update @Apple@AppleSupport" took center-stage on Twitter.

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