Published: Sat, November 11, 2017
Tech | By Dwayne Harmon

Hulu comes to Nintendo Switch eShop

Hulu comes to Nintendo Switch eShop

Hulu has announced its streaming app is coming to Switch via the eShop.

It's taken a while, but the Nintendo Switch is finally getting its first video streaming app: Hulu.

The video streaming app that arrives first to the Nintendo Switch is not Netflix, however, as the distinction goes to Hulu. Hulu said in a statement sent to Cord Cutters News. After that, it becomes a subscription service which costs $7.99 per month for the core on-demand service or $39.99 to include the Live TV plan.

Good news, Nintendo Switch owners: you can now stream Hulu. Besides, you will be able to watch live TV channels like ESPN, CNN, and FX with Hulu Live TV. The announcement of the Hulu app was apparently placed at the end of the press release, according to GameSpot.

Sadly, none of these applications have yet received love and attention on the Nintendo Switch, not to mention free services such as BBC iPlayer (although that does require a TV Licence).

Modern video game consoles can do a lot more than just play games.

The worldwide pioneer in the creation of interactive entertainment, Nintendo Co., Ltd., of Kyoto, Japan, manufactures and markets hardware and software for its Nintendo Switch™ system and the Nintendo 3DS™ family of portable systems.

The Hulu app for the Nintendo Switch, however, does not support touchscreen controls. This was why the focus at first was exclusively on Nintendo Switch games.

Bethesda's 2016 Doom, originally developed for the PS4, Xbox One and PC, releases today on Nintendo's hybrid handheld Nintendo Switch.

Apps like Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, Spotify, and HBO GO, which have always been available on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, have yet to make an appearance in the eShop, Nintendo's digital store.

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