Published: Sat, November 25, 2017
Medical | By Garry George

Four and-a-half year-old boy booked for alleged sexual assault

Four and-a-half year-old boy booked for alleged sexual assault

The police have registered a rape case, but they are reportedly consulting legal experts on how to proceed against such a young accused; a child below seven years of age can not be charged under the law.

Delhi Police chief spokesperson is quoted as telling the Hindustan Times newspaper, "The Indian Penal Code provides children below seven years of age certain protections against prosecution".

According to media reports, the victim told her parents that a boy in her class unbuttoned her trousers, used a finger and a sharpened pencil to assault her.

According to the victim's mother, she came to know about the incident after her daughter returned from school and narrated what happened to her at night while writhing in pain because of "some injuries she had sustained in her private parts".

She said that when the school authorities were approached by her on Saturday, they did not cooperate with her.

Hours after the girl continued to complain of the constant pain, she started crying, she broke her silence on the assault. The child then told her parents about the assault, the police confirmed.

Even as the family members of the girl were repeatedly told about what she underwent, the mother sent a text message to her teacher and informed her of the incident who, she alleged, was not forthcoming with any assistance.

Her mother said the boy unbuttoned her daughter's trousers, touched her bloomers and put his finger inside.

A case has been registered.

"She tried to push him but to no avail as there were no other children in the classroom and there was no staff around", the statement stated.

The school authorities, however, denied the allegations of negligence and non-cooperation in the complaint filed by the mother.

She further added that there was no ayah or teacher in the washroom or classroom at the time of the alleged assault.

"We must understand that it is absolutely not possible for a four-year-old to understand sexual behaviour". According to Delhi police, the case is being investigated with highest degree of sensitivity and care.

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