Published: Sun, November 05, 2017
Economy | By Melissa Porter

Finnair Asks Passengers to be Weighed Before Flying

Finnair Asks Passengers to be Weighed Before Flying

The airline assures passengers that they're not preparing to charge more for larger passengers. Their carry-on baggage is also being taken into consideration and passengers must carry it onto the scale with them.

A spokesperson for the airline told the Independent: "We have a strong safety culture at Finnair, and we are also very data-driven, so we want to ensure we have the best possible data for use in aircraft performance and loading calculations". "That's why we're collecting data from our own network".

The airline is surveying customers to check whether the estimates it has been using to calculate total weight, fuel and safety are accurate, according to Finnair Communications. The data lists the standard weight including carry-on luggage.

Officials with Finnair, the country's largest airline, said it has asked almost 200 passengers to weigh in before flights out of Helsinki-Vantaa airport this week in an effort to determine safety and fuel requirements, CNBC reports.

EASA's weight predictions put the average male customers at 187 lbs, with female passengers at 147 lbs.

Finnair is analyzing the results of this week's test and will weigh about 2,000 more passengers on a voluntary basis during winter and spring, Tallqvist added.

The tweet above simply translates to "The weighing of volunteer airliners started".

Finnair has just begun a new program where it weighs passengers before take-off to help the Finnish airline collect more accurate data about weights on its flights.

Several airlines have set in place regulations for passengers of size.

Although it may sound unusual, this isn't the first time an airline has tried to gauge the weight of its passengers.

A representative for Finnair did not immediately return International Business Times' request for comment.

Paivyt Tallqvist, director for media relations at Finnair confirmed about the weighing process at Helsinki Airport on last Tuesday and Wednesday.

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