Published: Tue, November 14, 2017
Global Media | By Abel Hampton

Civilians injured in Saudi-led strikes on Yemen capital

Civilians injured in Saudi-led strikes on Yemen capital

He added that scheduled flights by national carrier Yemeni Airways would resume on Sunday.

"There is no embargo", he said.

The bloc closed all of Yemen's main air and sea ports on Monday, a move it said was aimed at stopping the flow of arms to Iran-backed Houthi rebels.

"If the sea port of Hodeida is to be reopened, it will have to be under safe conditions that would ensure that there will be no supply of weapons and ammunitions coming through that port", Mouallimi said.

Karl Schembri, Regional Media Adviser in the Middle East with the Norwegian Refugee Council has also spoken about the Yemeni blockade with Sputnik, saying it not only resulted in the deterioration of the humanitarian situation in the war-torn country but also resulted in an increase in fuel prices. The Saudi closure had drawn global condemnation and fears of a worsening humanitarian disaster in Yemen.

Yemeni officials announced on Friday evening that the Saudi-led Arab coalition fighting the Houthi militia has re-opened the Aden and Seiyoun airports four days after its decision to temporarily close Yemeni ports.

"This siege is oppressive, and the whole world is sleeping!" people chanted as thousands gathered outside the United Nations offices in the rebel-held capital Sanaa.

He also said that the more the blockade tightens, the more the Houthis will develop their abilities to "respond to the assault of the enemy".

The demonstrations came one day after Houthi rebels threatened to attack warships and oil tankers from the Saudi-led coalition in retaliation against the blockade.

It says: "The first step in this process will be taken within 24 hours and involves reopening all the ports in areas controlled by" Yemen's internationally recognized government, which the coalition backs.

Those ports are in Aden, Mocha and Mukalla in southern and western Yemen. The Houthis have denied that.

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