Published: Sun, November 12, 2017
Global Media | By Abel Hampton

Brrrr! Arctic blast brings record-breaking temps to NJ

Brrrr! Arctic blast brings record-breaking temps to NJ

So, bundle up New Jerseyans because the Arctic air bearing down Saturday morning is challenging decades-old record lows as chilly winds cut across the state.

In New York City, Central Park dipped below its record low of 28 degrees Saturday, according to the weather service.

Also expected are scattered snow showers and narrow bands of lake-effect snow southeast of Lake Erie and Lake Ontario into this morning, weather service forecasters said.

This morning's new record low was 3° colder than the previous record.

The deep freeze hit the Big Apple Friday night as the temperature bottomed out at a record-low 26 degrees.

That would set another record for cold.

Temperatures will remain consistent through Tuesday and Wednesday as both have a high of 46 degrees with a high of 46 degrees.

Although temperatures were in the single digits from 8 p.m. Thursday through 8 a.m. Friday, they did not fall far enough to set a new record low for November 10. That would eclipse the coldest Veterans Day on record - 19 degrees, set in 1957.

He added that the normal high for this time of year is a 53 degrees, a full 18 degrees warmer than Saturday's high of 35.

The warming trend will continue into Monday when temperatures are expected to reach 46 degrees. A little warmup on Sunday with temperatures back in the upper 40s and a chance for rain showers by Sunday evening.

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