Published: Mon, November 20, 2017
Culture | By Antonia Gonzales

Adoption makes a big difference in a child's life

Adoption makes a big difference in a child's life

To celebrate, 12 El Paso children were officially welcomed into their new families at the county courthouse Saturday.

The Andersons say the thing they look the most forward to with their new family members are having a team of people to play sports with.

A National Adoption Day celebration was held, with appearances from balloon artists, caricaturists, and Elsa from the Disney movie "Frozen". So many probably felt a tug on their heartstrings when reading Monday's Reading Eagle story about children in Berks, Lehigh and Northampton counties - more than 1,700 of them - who entered foster care in 2015.

ALLEN: We are working really hard on facilitating continued relationships with birth families, even when children are adopted. Michigan Adoption Day is co-sponsored by the Michigan Supreme Court, the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, the Child Welfare Services division of the State Court Administrative Office, and Michigan Adoption Resource Exchange. Ten percent of these kids have been in foster care for more than five years, and the average child has been in foster care for two years.

In 2008, I introduced the Fostering Connections to Success and Increasing Adoptions Act, which provided additional federal incentives for states to move children from foster care to adoptive homes. They expect upwards of 900 kids to be adopted in 2017.

A short program incorporated speeches by Ramsey County commissioners Toni Carter, Victoria Reinhardt and Jim McDonough, as well as Judge Patrick Diamond, who congratulated the families and urged others to consider adoption, particularly of older children.

Family Equality Council
Family Equality Council

All of these families have adopted out of the foster care system.

"He's the first in his family to graduate", said Dommer.

Israel said he is grateful that his adoptive mom, Keisha Archibald, has taught him discipline and good listening skills and enrolled him in school. "We have created this family and it's just been wonderful, I have goosebumps", said Michele Blodgett. "We see incredible things happen", she said.

"As soon as he came to our house, I've considered him a son", Demaun's father Ken Lunsford said.

"It's more of a goal in life", Archibald said of adopting.

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