Published: Mon, October 09, 2017
Global Media | By Abel Hampton

White House believes chief of staff John Kelly's cellphone was hacked

White House believes chief of staff John Kelly's cellphone was hacked

Unknown hackers obtained access to Chief of Staff John Kelly's personal cell phone, potentially as early as last December, three US government officials told Politico.

Kelly reportedly had concerns about the phone and staffers reviewed it for days to determine if there was a problem.

Trump said the NBC report about Tillerson threatening to resign was "fake news".

White House computer staff identified a breach after Kelly handed in his cell phone, asking for tech support help, according to Politico.

Kelly took the device to the White House's tech team, complaining that it wouldn't work properly or update software - and hadn't been right for months.

John Kelly, White House chief of staff, was apparently using a compromised phone without being aware of it for months. He entered the White House in January and replaced former RNC chairman Reince Preibus as chief of staff in late July. "This official said Kelly relied on his government-issued phone for official communications".

A number of Trump's tweets have been listed as being sent from an Android phone, while others were sent from an iPhone.

White House officials maintain that Gen. Kelly used his government issued phone for official communications and has not used the hacked phone since it stopped working. Back in August, Homeland Security Adviser Tom Bossert fell for a phishing email which was sent to him by an ethical British hacker as a test.

The breach of John Kelly's cell phone isn't the first time that the White House is in the news for suffering security incidents. But the entire matter is apparently under investigation.

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