Published: Tue, October 10, 2017
Tech | By Dwayne Harmon

WhatsApp Business app's APK ready for download: Here's what it offers

WhatsApp Business app's APK ready for download: Here's what it offers

WhatsApp Business, the new app from the Facebook-owned company had been in talks for very long but was finally announced only a month ago.

A report by AndroidPolice provides the Google Play link for WhatsApp Business, but it has been pointed out that users will only be able to see the listing if they are part of the private beta programme, access to which is granted if users answer a survey and get accepted.

If a user wants to use both business and personal app, then they will have to register using two different phone numbers.

WhatsApp for Business has leaked out in all its glory giving us a glimpse at how it will function.

Users can also register a landline number for WhatsApp Business. If the users want to use both regular app and the Business app at the same time on the same phone, they need to ensure that the number they are using on both apps are separate from each other.

WhatsApp Business will have all the features in the original messenger app, and the key difference is that it will new options such as Analytics that will list all the individual interactions with the consumers. If WhatsApp works well to keep away the users from the potential spams, the Whatsapp Business App could be huge success in the country.

This will be a great alternative for businesses, since many businesses have been using WhatsApp for customer communication.

More features of WhatsApp Business are expected to be revealed in coming days.

First of all, you need to download WhatsApp Business app. A user can not register on both accounts with a same number. But on the Business app, there are options to set up the business details like website, address and other information.

It's now only available for beta testers, but when it's ready people will be able to place orders on WhatsApp, and even receive updates from companies, like delivery confirmations and flight times, through it.

If you own a Business, now you know how to download the app and get access to the service, you can try getting the access and start using WhatsApp for business before the service becomes available for all. The chat app is particularly very popular in countries like Brazil and India-and WhatsApp's emphasis on hiring someone with global and prior experience in related field all but confirms this. Next, under the Settings option, you will find some additions such as Business Settings and Statistics. Businesses can also set "Away" automated responses, which customers will receive while when they are trying to contact you and you are not available.

WhatsApp earlier indicated it would charge the larger enterprises for the Whatsapp Business App, though will remain free for smaller business and medium sized enterprises. Given WhatsApp has 1.2 billion users, this will mean a big change, especially in the Indian market where the company has more than 200 million active users.

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