Published: Thu, October 12, 2017
Global Media | By Abel Hampton

United Nations sanctions committee bans 4 ships from entering ports

United Nations sanctions committee bans 4 ships from entering ports

"This is the first time in United Nations history that four ships have been designated by the 1718 committee" after the latest sanctions resolution against North Korea was adopted on September 11, panel coordinator Hugh Griffiths told reporters.

The ships were identified as Petrel 8 (Comoros), Hao Fan 6 (Saint Kitts and Nevis), Tong San 2 (North Korea) and Jie Shun (unlisted) by MarineTraffic website.

The UN has slapped a global port ban on four vessels found violating sanctions against North Korea, the head of an expert panel said.

"These four ships require further study with key parties and we will revert to the committee once that process is completed", the USA mission to the United Nations wrote. The ship left Haeju, North Korea on July 23, 2016 and was intercepted south of the Suez Canal according to the sanction monitoring team.

The UN representative also added that the ban came into force on 5 October, but it does not provide for the freezing of assets and ban on entry. He suggested some member states "maybe have been taken advantage of by the tactics deployed by DPRK coal export entities", which sounds like a bid to give North Korea's customers a chance to halt their illicit purchases without losing too much face. Last month the sanctions expanded, are now forbidden the export of textiles and restrictions on the import of oil and work for the people of North Korea.

AFP quotes a "source close to the matter" who says the four ships were found to be carrying banned coal, seafood, and iron ore. According to estimates, North Korea exports about $ 3 billion annually, the sanctions may trim $ 1 billion from this trade.

The UN Security Council has unanimously adopted nine sanctions resolutions on North Korea since 2006.

Its plan is to further isolate the regime of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un diplomatically and cut off its access to the worldwide financial system in the hopes that it will eventually put its nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles on the negotiating table in exchange for sanctions relief.

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