Published: Tue, October 24, 2017
Culture | By Antonia Gonzales

Thor Ragnarok: Taika Waititi WON'T direct Star Wars 'It's determinedly SELF-SERIOUS'

Thor Ragnarok: Taika Waititi WON'T direct Star Wars 'It's determinedly SELF-SERIOUS'

In "Thor: Ragnarok" (opening November 3), the third film in the Asgard series, Disney/Marvel's myth-laced muscleman sheds his long locks, and with them, it seems, the pseudo-Shakespearean gravity of the cinematic proceedings. However, the talented director does not want to take a crack at a Star Wars movie as he feels he's not suitable.

Speaking with the New York Times, Taika essentially ruled himself out, but appeared committed to more Marvel films. After all, Waititi is an expert in comedy films and he might not fit right with the Star Wars universe. "I'd be fired within a week".

"I was crossing the road in Vancouver. and I remember the exact moment getting a call from from my lawyer and my manager saying "you got the offer", Hemsworth said.

That particular franchise seems really hard.

ONE OF the more common critical swipes at Marvel Studios' Thor franchise has been that despite the comic chops of its stars, the tone has been as weighty as the superhero's hammer, if not his gold-tress extensions. "I trust them and they trusted us".

#Marvel Entertainment revealed a number of trailers for "Thor: Ragnarok" to keep the hype going, but once the movie was released, fans noticed a huge change in one of the most anticipated scenes originally shown in the trailer.

Star Wars would probably be the dream directing job for nearly every up and coming director out there, but yet it is apparently something which Thor: Ragnarok director Taika Watiti is too keen on doing apparently.

This video comes from IGN, who brought the New Zealand native into their studios to check out their notorious comment threads. That said, a Boba Fett movie would be out of Waititi's element since it would hardly need any comedy in it. Hopefully, Hemsworth and Waititi have managed to make Thor relevant again.

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